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Why only few types of tan delta kits can perform in charged EHV Switchyards ?

Performing tan delta testing in charged switchyards presents unique challenges and safety concerns due to the presence of high voltages and the need for isolation from the live electrical system. As a result, not all tan delta testing kits are designed or equipped to be used in such environments. Here are some reasons why only a few tan delta kits can perform in charged switchyards:

  1. Safety Considerations: Safety is the foremost concern when working in live switchyards. Tan delta testing kits used in charged switchyards need to meet stringent safety standards and regulations to ensure the protection of personnel and equipment. These kits must have appropriate insulation, shielding, and grounding mechanisms to withstand the high voltage levels and mitigate the risk of electrical accidents.

  2. Voltage Rating: Charged switchyards typically operate at high voltages, ranging from tens of kilovolts to several hundreds of kilovolts. Tan delta testing kits used in such environments must have a high voltage rating to withstand the electrical stress and accurately measure the tan delta under those conditions. Not all testing kits are designed to handle these high voltage levels.

  3. Isolation and Interference: To perform tan delta testing in charged switchyards, the testing equipment needs to be effectively isolated from the live electrical system to ensure the safety of the operator and the integrity of the measurement. The testing kit should have suitable insulation and shielding capabilities to prevent electrical interference and ensure accurate and reliable measurements in the presence of strong electromagnetic fields.

The KPM TD12 Tan Delta Kit is designed to perform tan delta and capacitance measurements on high-voltage insulation systems, including power transformers, bushings, cables, and other electrical equipment. While it is primarily intended for offline testing, there are certain considerations to ensure its effectiveness and safety when used in live switchyard conditions:

  1. Safety Precautions: When performing measurements in live switchyard conditions, safety is of paramount importance. Proper safety procedures, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), adherence to safety guidelines, and following the applicable safety regulations and standards, must be strictly followed to protect personnel and equipment.

  2. Voltage Ratings: The KPM TD12 Tan Delta Kit is available in different voltage ratings to suit specific applications. Selecting the appropriate kit with the voltage rating suitable for the switchyard conditions is crucial. It ensures that the kit can safely handle the voltage levels present in the switchyard without compromising the accuracy of the measurements or risking damage to the equipment.

  3. Robust Construction: The KPM TD12 Tan Delta Kit is built to withstand harsh operating conditions. It typically features robust construction, insulation, and shielding to protect against electrical interference and maintain accurate measurements in live switchyard environments.

  4. Environmental Factors: Live switchyard conditions may involve factors such as high ambient noise, temperatures, humidity, and dust. The KPM TD12 Tan Delta Kit is designed to handle these environmental factors to ensure reliable and consistent performance. The kit may include features like temperature compensation and environmental protection measures to maintain accurate measurements in such conditions.

  5. Interference Mitigation: Switchyards can be electrically noisy environments due to nearby equipment and high voltage levels. The KPM TD12 Tan Delta Kit with its internal filters mitigate interference and ensure reliable and accurate measurements. This may include shielding, filtering, and signal processing techniques to minimize the impact of external electrical noise on the measurement results.

  6. Operator Training: Adequate training of the operators using the KPM TD12 Tan Delta Kit in live switchyard conditions is essential. Operators are familiarised with the kit's operation, safety procedures, and precautions specific to switchyard environments. This ensures proper usage of the equipment and minimizes the risk of errors or accidents.

While the KPM TD12 Tan Delta Kit is primarily designed for offline testing, it may have features and adaptations that allow it to perform well in live switchyard conditions. However, it is crucial to consult the manufacturer's guidelines, specifications, and recommendations for the specific kit being used and ensure that it is suitable and approved for live testing applications. Adhering to safety protocols and obtaining proper training and expertise in using the kit in live switchyard conditions is essential for reliable and safe testing.

* Please Note that during any testing (in live switchyards ) the test objects are always isolated and are in dead condition.

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