KPM Circuit Breaker Analyzer  (KPM-CBA 01) is used for testing, analyzing and assessing power system circuit breakers, mechanical characteristics of load switches and isolated switches and other AC high voltage switches, contact resistance, Arcing contacts and vibration characteristics etc. The Circuit Breaker Analyzer cover all testing requirements of high voltage circuit breakers.


Comparing with the traditional circuit breaker tester KPM Circuit Breaker Analyzer (KPM – CBA 01) has the following unique advantages:




KPM CBA-01 circuit breaker test set is used for performing electrical and mechanical characteristic of high voltage, medium voltage circuit breaker, switch and contactor.

  • Measure the circuit breaker time parameters (close, open, asynchronous, bounce) of 12 main contacts.

  • Measure the co-operate time between 6 main- and 6 auxiliary contacts.​

  • Measure the pre-insert time and resistance of 6 resistor contacts​

  • Set with 12 contact state indicator lamps on panel. It is easy to judge close and open state.​

  • Measure the travel, over-travel, rebound, overshoot and speed of the breaker by using resistance transducer or digital transducer.

  • Use a digital rotary transducer for measuring angle.​

  • Operate Close, Open, O-C-O, O-C, C-O control sequences.​

  • Test the mechanical characteristic operated by CB manually.​

  • Built-in DC control output, can used for action voltage testing.​

  • Measure the motor current curve while motor driving, Coil Current measurement

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