Battery Resistance and

Conductance Tester 


BT-301 Battery Condition Analyzer


The BT-301 Battery Condition Anlayzer is updated tester which is very effective and economical battery management device for testing battery internal resistance (or conductance) and voltage. It helps you eliminate weak batteries to ensure performance of your battery systems.

It is capable for accurate and consistent measurement of battery internal resistance (or conductance) Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA), Vented Lead Acid (VLA) batteries and Ni-cd batteries which are the main composition of standby critical power systems. This battery tester is widely applied for service providers, operations and maintenance teams for battery management and measurement to ensure power integrity in various industries

Battery Data Logger

KPM battery-data-logger

BDL-3927 Battery Data Logger


BDL-3927 is updated Battery Data Logger to meet IEEE measurement standards for battery voltage, string voltage, current and ambient temperature. It is customized from 12V to 700V for different battery systems. And it has easy expansion for all battery systems. With wifi communication, you could easily view complete data and generate test report in the PC software.

For quick test of battery internal resistance/conductance, please also refer to BT-301 Battery Condition Analyzer

Battery Load Bank 

K-3980 Battery Load Bank


We offer a series of customized battery load banks with many different models for constant current discharge test and battery capacity test. They cover a wide voltage range from 12V to 480V nominal voltages with current up to 600A.


They are widely applied in various industries. With its optional battery Data Acquisition Case (DAC), discharge values of EACH cell could be monitored in battery load bank and PC software simultaneously by using Kongter’s data view software.

Same DAC in K-3980 battery load bank can also work independently with “String DAC” to make another product, BDL-3926C Battery Data Logger. For quick test of battery condition, please refer to BT-301 Battery Condition Analyzer which tests battery internal resistance/conductance in seconds.

Battery Monitoring System


BMS-3923 Battery Monitoring System


This battery monitoring system is an innovative solution to measure battery condition with communication way of Power Line Carrier (PLC). With multi-frequency measurement, users can monitor and analyze battery in all aspects: internal resistance, voltage, current, capacitance, temperature and so on.
Based on our years experience for battery management system, we build very mature mathematical model that precisely predicts battery capacity. This will in another hand reduce the time that we spend on capacity measurement using a battery load bank.

For quick test of battery condition, we will recommend handheld tester BT-301 Battery Condition Analyzer which tests battery interal resistance/conductance in seconds