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KPM introduces  VILA (vacuum interrupter Life Analyzer) , the third generation test set using its patented technology for determining the condition of vacuum interrupters in the field, shop or laboratory.

Until now, the accepted field service test for vacuum interrupters has been a simple Go/No-Go test performed with an AC high potential test. Today, testing with our VILA (vacuum interrupter Life Analyzer)  test sets can prevent unnecessary damage to your circuit breakers and contactor by predicting the usable life of the vacuum interrupter.

If you're looking for a meaningful vacuum interrupter test, take a look at the outstanding capabilities of our new VILA (vacuum interrupter Life Analyzer/ vacuum bottle tester) which can be used in the field, shop or laboratory.

Utilizing the Penning Discharge Principal, our VILA (vacuum interrupter Life Analyzer)  can easily determine the pressure inside a vacuum interrupter and; along with wear and number of operations, predict the usable life of the vacuum interrupters used in your circuit breakers and contactors. Until now, this type of testing could only be done at the assembly plant.


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