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Module Ch/Dis & Regeneration  ( MCDR )



KPM MCDR  series is a two-way AC-DC conversion power supply with full digital control technology. It features two-way high power and low harmonics current conversion capability which realizes energy two-way flow of rectification .



  • Power Regeneration;

  • battery formation and battery capacity classification test;

  • DC power equipment burn-in test;

  • V2G storage application;

  • EV discharge-charge test

Functional Characteristics



  • High efficiency circuit design; stable and accurate output voltage; perfect protection; reliable CAN bus communication

  • Modular design; automatic judgement of positive and negative directions and quick switch; parallel connection expanding acceptable

  • Various Testing Mode Acceptable: constant current charging; constant voltage constant current charging; constant voltage charging; constant current discharging; constant power charging; constant resistance discharging; constant power testing; battery capacity testing; DCIR testing

  • AC/DC power with three-level technology realizing two-way conversion of AC and DC

  • High frequency isolation DC two-way conversion technology of digital control is adopted in DC/DC

  • Digital SPWM Control Technology: powerful anti-interference capability; fast calculation speed; high intelligence; high quality control accuracy and output waveform

  • Two-way Inversion Module: high frequency isolation design ensuring safety between battery and grid/load

  • Digital Control of DSP+CPLD: multi-protection for overcurrent, overvoltage, and overheat of software and hardware

  • Supports format of EXCEL, TXT, chart; various types of data analysis curves and data lists provided

Voice Note
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