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8 Channel PD monitoring by TEV Ultrasonic Sensors

KPM PD Pulse-8 partial discharge online monitoring device includes a modularly designed partial discharge sensor and a partial discharge data processing terminal. The partial discharge sensor can effectively monitor ultrasonic and transient earth voltage signals. It is a two-in-one integrated assembly that can be installed on the HV equipment. In case of RMU’s (ring main units) the secondary room of the cabinets is
equipped with a partial discharge data processing terminal, and a partial discharge sensor installed between the mechanism room and the cable room of the ring main unit can accurately reflect the partial discharge situation in the ring main unit.

Technical indicators : The partial discharge monitoring host is installed in the secondary room of the ring main unit and connected to the sensor through coaxial cables.

Partial discharge data processing terminal

The partial discharge data processing terminal can sample partial discharge signals at each measurement point. The length of each sampling is greater than 50 power frequency cycles, the monitoring period is adjustable ; using an embedded high-performance processor, While ensuring high-speed sampling, the power consumption of the device is greatly reduced.

Partial discharge sensor (Ultrasonic + TEV , 2 in 1 ) The Pulse 8 sensors are of an integrated design of ultrasonic and transient earth voltage.

Special Application :PD Pulse-8 can monitor ultrasonic and TEV signals in the ring main unit and is installed between the ring main unit mechanism room and the cable room.

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