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KPM CB Analyzer is an all in one equipment for testing of circuitbreakers

KPM Circuit Breaker Analyzer (KPM-CBA) is used for testing, analyzing and assessing power system circuit breakers, mechanical characteristics of load switches and isolated switches and other AC high voltage switches, contact resistance, Arcing contacts and vibration characteristics etc.

  • The functions of Circuit Breaker Analyzer cover all testing items of high voltage circuit breaks. Comparing with the traditional circuit breaker tester KPM Circuit Breaker Analyzer (KPM-CBA) has the following unique advantages:

  • Vibration Analysis for mechanical characteristics

  • Distance & Speed Analysis of moving contacts 

  • Static Contact resistance measurement of 100A 

  • Dynamic Contact Resistance Measurement of 100A 

  • Low voltage pickup test on coils from 16V  to 300 V 

Comparing with the traditional circuit breaker tester KPM Circuit Breaker Analyzer (KPM -CBA) has the following unique advantages: 


 The integrated vibration test function of Circuit Breaker Analyzer provides a new means of detection circuit breaker mechanical characteristics for users, compared to traditional time measurement and speed measurement, the vibration fingerprint detection is easier and more efficient.


The vibration fingerprint test results contain richer information of circuit breaker operation, for potential risk of failure or faulty breakers, it can locate the fault position quickly.


The vibration tests do not need to change the original line connection, so the users can complete the charged detection of mechanical characteristics of circuit breaker. 


Arcing contact analysis module allows users to automatically assess the degree of loss of inside Arc suppression contact of circuit breaker without disassembly.


Users can use Circuit Breaker Analyzer to complete the contact resistance tests hence they do not need to buy contact resistance tester separately.

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