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KPM Circuit Breaker Analyzer  (KPM-CBA 01)

is used for testing, analyzing and assessing power system circuit breakers, mechanical characteristics of load switches and isolated switches and other AC high voltage switches,  Arcing contacts and vibration characteristics etc. The Circuit Breaker Analyzer cover all testing requirements of high voltage circuit breakers.


Comparing with the traditional circuit breaker tester KPM Circuit Breaker Analyzer (KPM – CBA 01) has the following unique advantages:




KPM CBA-01 circuit breaker test set is used for performing electrical and mechanical characteristic of high voltage, medium voltage circuit breaker, switch and contactor.

Measure the circuit breaker time parameters (close, open, asynchronous, bounce) of 12 main contacts.  

Set with 12 contact state indicator lamps on panel. It is easy to judge close and open state.

Measure the travel, over-travel, rebound, overshoot and speed of the breaker by using resistance transducer or digital transducer.


Use a digital rotary transducer for measuring angle.

Operate Close, Open, O-C-O, O-C, C-O control sequences.

Test the mechanical characteristic operated by CB manually.

Built-in DC control output, can used for action voltage testing.

Measure the motor current curve while motor driving, Coil Current measurement

Vacuum Interruptor Life Analyzer        ( VILA ) 


KPM-VILA (vacuum interrupter Life Analyzer) , the third generation test set using its advance technology for determining the condition of vacuum interrupters in the field, shop or laboratory.

If you're looking for a meaningful vacuum interrupter test, take a look at the outstanding capabilities of our new VILA (vacuum interrupter Life Analyzer)  (aka vacuum bottle tester) which can be used in the field, shop or laboratory.

Utilizing the Penning Discharge Principal, our VILA (vacuum interrupter Life Analyzer)  can easily identify 

  • The pressure inside a vacuum interrupter

  • The usable life of the vacuum interrupters


Until now, this type of testing could only be done at the assembly plant.

Circuit Breaker Analyzer

KPM CB Analyzer.png

The functions of Circuit Breaker Analyzer cover all testing items of high voltage circuit breakers. Comparing with the traditional circuit breaker tester KPM Circuit Breaker Analyzer (KPM-CBA) has the following unique advantages:


  • Vibration Analysis for mechanical characteristics

  • Distance & Speed Analysis of moving contacts 

  • Static Contact resistance measurement of 100A 

  • Dynamic Contact Resistance Measurement of 100A 

  • Low voltage pickup test on coils from 16V  to 300 V 

Contact Resistance Tester


Contact Resistance Tester (KPM CRT) outputs DC 600A currents to test the contact resistance of circuit breaker or high current cable contacts. It is designed as per IEC62271. It mainly measures the circuit breaker contact resistance. All the test results of the tester can be printed by the micro-printer, which is integrated in the tester. Also all the test results saved in the tester can be uploaded to the computer & then saved as MS WORD document.

KPM- CRT Series is available in below variants-:

  • 100A 

  • 200A 

  • 400A

  • 600A 

KPM CBT-01 (Breaker Timer) 

# KPM CBT.png
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Features :


1. Test the electrical characteristics of various high-voltage circuit breakers.

2. Test the parameters of closing, opening, different periods, and bounce time of 6 contacts.

3. There are 6 contact status indicators on the panel, which is convenient for judging whether the closing or opening status or the wiring is correct.

4. Perform closing, opening, opening and closing, closing, opening and closing control.

5. Built-in high-power adjustable DC power supply, with manual voltage adjustment knob, closing button, opening button, which can quickly switch on and off and actuate voltage test.

6. Built-in DC power can be used for motor energy storage.

7. The output control uses electronic switches, with high control accuracy and long life.

Comparison - Circuit Breaker Testers 

KPM CBA Comparison.png

Theory - Circuit Breaker Testing 

Theory CB Testing

A circuit breaker is an automatically operated electrical switch designed to protect an electrical circuit from damage caused by overload or short circuit. Its basic function is to detect a fault condition and interrupt current flow.

Circuit Breaker receives ‘Trip’ command from respective relays during fault conditions. The following parameters are often tested on a circuit breaker.


Common tests on Circuit Breakers

  • Closing Time & Opening Time

  • Motion Tests(as recommended in the IEC 1208)

  • Damping

  • Coil Currents

  • Trip Voltage

  • Static Contact Resistance of the main contacts

New methods for circuit breaker diagnostics

  • Dynamic Contact Resistance

  • Vibration Testing.

  • Shape of Coil Current Curve

  • Vacuum Bottle Integrity

  • Capacitance & Tan Delta of Grading Capacitor

  • Dew Point Measurement of SF6 gas/air

Measured values are compared with limit values specified by the manufacturer or values that have been arrived at by the maintenance organization through experience. In many cases a “fingerprint”, consisting of different measurements taken when a breaker is new, is compiled. This fingerprint can then be used as a reference for subsequent measurements. Any change that is found clearly indicates a change in the breaker’s condition.

KPM Circuit Breaker analyzer Commissioni
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