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Features :


1. Test the electrical characteristics of various high-voltage circuit breakers.

2. Test the parameters of closing, opening, different periods, and bounce time of 6 contacts.

3. There are 6 contact status indicators on the panel, which is convenient for judging whether the closing or opening status or the wiring is correct.

4. Perform closing, opening, opening and closing, closing, opening and closing control.

5. Built-in high-power adjustable DC power supply, with manual voltage adjustment knob, closing button, opening button, which can quickly switch on and off and actuate voltage test.

6. Built-in DC power can be used for motor energy storage.

7. The output control uses electronic switches, with high control accuracy and long life.

Specifications :

1. Time measurement range: 1 to 20000ms. Accuracy: ± (0.05% t + 0.1) ms

2. DC power output: 0 ~ 270V DC / 10A, power 2kW

3. DC voltmeter measurement range: 0 ~ 300V DC, accuracy: ± (0.5% U + 1) V

4. Coil current measurement:

KPM CBT 01 circuit breaker tester
Voice Note
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