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KPM CT_PT Analyzer ,  Generator Busduct

In KPM we are involved in the manufacturing , value added trading & consulting services . 

We collaborate with world's  leading  R & D and Technology partners  to bring the best reliable solutions to the door steps of our esteemed customers. Each solution in KPM's product line is supported by expert team of sales and application engineers. 

 In KPM , we are committed to provide our customers precise equipment for right T & M application & then act as a first point of contact for every support related to the product . When required , our T&M division & consultancy division handshakes to provide value addition services like result interpretation & root cause analysis for DUT (device under test ) failure.

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Our Team.

Our team is a  fantastic mix of experienced and mid-level professionals who work together like a well-oiled machine. They bring a blend of wisdom and fresh ideas to the table, making them unstoppable as they tackle any challenge that comes their way.

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