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Energy Meter Testing 

3 Phase Energy Meter Reference - MT 3000D

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MT 3000D is a state of art portable 3 phase energy meter reference for testing and calibration of energy meters . MT3000D is an easy to use & light weight device. MT 3000D comes in two accuracy options ( 0.05% & 0.1% ) 

MT3000D is a all in one unit with below functionalities 

  • Automatic wrong connection test 

  • Ratio test

  • Harmonic test

  • Meter Accuracy Test ( 0.05 / 1 Class ) 

  • Report Print

MT 3000B 

The portable three phase kWh Meter on-site Calibrator is used to calibrate three phase, single phase, active or reactive energy meter under work, and also it can be used as voltage, current and power meter to measure AC parameter of three phase power line, also it can measure wave distortion factor and 2 to 63 time harmonic  wave .


It has following characteristics:


•Adopt 32 bit ARM processor, multi-channel 16 bit precision A/D convertor, high resolution TFT LCD.

•Inner equipped with 0.01% wide-range current transformer and can be equipped with various type current clamps, wide range of measurement and high veracity.

•Low consumption circuit design, high energy Li batter supply, intellectual power management software, which make the instrument can continuously work up to 10 hours

1 Phase Energy Meter Test Reference 

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EMR 1 is a state of art portable 1 phase energy meter reference for testing and calibration of energy meters . EMR 1 is an easy to use & light weight device. EMR 1 comes with accuracy of 0.3%  



1. Test meter errors without disconnecting mains supply. 
2. Optional dummy load box 
3. Certificate: ISO 9001 


Features ​

  • Special plastic mould case, light weight and easy for portable, LCD display

  • Measure voltage, current, power . phase power factor without disconnecting power circuit

  • Test positive /negative error of sigle phase meter without disconnecting power circuit

  • Wide current clamp rang :0.5-100A

  • Wide working voltage rang : AC180 - 250V

  • Power supply directly supplied by voltage testing wire

  • High and low frequency energy pulse output.Easy to send and test

  • Sampling by scanning head, directly input pulse of electronic meter or manual switch calibration

  • Can be connected with the external current load box and support the simulated load

Power Quality Analyzer ( KPM PQ Light ) 

PQA Light.png
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KPM PQ Light is a Three Phase Multi- function PQ Analyzer . It can be applied to electric power dispatching center, relay protection department or relay protection in power plant. Its metric division class makes it suitable for petroleum, railways and the iron and steel industries also.

Features :

1. Simultaneously measuring three- phase voltages, current, power, frequency, power factor, phase, etc

2. Display vector map for the use of user directly

3. The smallest current it can measure is 1 mA, 2 mA above can display vector diagram

4. Range switches automatically.


Technical Specifications

 1) Current Rating 1mA to 10A, 50mA to 200A, 50mA to 500A

2) Voltage Rating : 0 to 480V 

3) Power Accuracy : 0.5% 

4) Small volume, light weight and the operation is simple, convenient

5 . Horizontal liquid crystal big screen TFT displays all electric parameters

6. DSP digital signal processing chip, wide measuring range, high accuracy, good stability

7. It can store data; data can be using computer software to upload for management

8. 2nd to 63rd Harmonics .

Energy Meter Calibrator ( MTK-3 ) 

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MTK-3 is a three voltage and three current sources 40VA power rating each with facility of harmonic generation.  It has multiple analog and digital I/O s . It is standard calibration source for testing/calibrating electrical instruments like energy-meters, power meters, pF controllers etc. It has a built-in DC power supply to power the unit under test. 

Hardware Details


1.Power Input – 230V +/-10%, Single phase, maximum 2.5A 50Hz +/- 3Hz , 

2.Out/put Voltage

3.Source Resolution : 0.1V

4.Stability & Accuracy :  (0.2% form 30V - 300V)

5.Configuration : 3V/3I (single phase and 3 phase , selectable from front panel)

6.Current Source , 15A continuous , with 20A @20min and 30A @5min. 

7.Resolution :  0.010 A 

8.Stability and Accuracy :  0.2%  

9. Power Factor  : 0 -1 Lead/Lag , Resolution 0.001, Accuracy 0.005

10.Frequency :   Variable from 45 Hz to 65 Hz Resolution 0.1 Hz, Accuracy 0.05% , Harmonics upto 15th Order (@30% of the  signal ) 

11.Meter test Mode interface 

12.Display / Configurable Parameters : Voltage, Current ,Power ( Active , reactive & apparent ) ,  PF , Phasors, Harmonics, frequency, Time .

13.Protection :  Built-in Short circuit , Overload & Thermal Protection 

14.Weight : 25 kg (approx.) 

15.Dimensions :  420mm x 425 mm x 170mm

16.Accuracy : 0.5 Class

Energy Meter Calibrator ( EMR -1C ) 

EMR 1C .png
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1.It combine the current clamp and the meter together, displayed by colorful and touch-screen.

2. The AAA Li-battery can work 4 hours continuously
3. It can display all the measuring parameters in one screen
4. With wide voltage measuring range 15-300V and current

     measuring range 0.005-120A
5. The current clamp has automatic compensation and calibration

     function with accuracy class 0.2%

6. Single Unit with meter and clamp inside
7. 16 bit high accuracy AD switch 32 bit ARM processor core
8. Automatically record and save 999 groups calibrate data
9. Micro-multifunction optic sample
10. Manually/automatically test inductive single phase meters
11. Manually/automatically test electric single phase meters
12. It can measure value of alternating voltage
13. It can measure value of alternating current
14. Testing parameters: active power, phase angle of voltage/current and frequency etc
15. Automatically store testing data, it can save 999 group test results

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