CT/PT Analyzer 

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KPM-CT/PT Analyzer is an all in one solution for testing all type of CT/PT as per IEC standards. It is an equipment with high ROI ( Return On Investment ) . Below features  make  KPM CT/PT analyzer  and ideal tool for  CT/PT Manufacturer , Testing labs , Substations (Upto 765KV) , Power Plants  etc.


  1. Low Testing Time             (Completes all  test for CT/PT                                                     Winding & Cores in few min)

  2. Simple connection           (Simple one time connection)

  3. Highest  Accuracy             (0.05% for turns  ratio & winding  resistance )

  4. Portable & Light Weight  ( < 15KG )

  5. High Interference Rejection  (Can be used in 220/400/765 KV  Live Switchyards )

HVCTR ( HV CT Ratio Tester)


Online HV CT Ratio Tester (KPM-HVCTR) – High Voltage Current Transformer Ratio Tester 

As the name suggests Online HV CT Ratio Tester (KPM-HVCTR) is an innovative  product to measure Key  line / CT parameters of  upto  33KV system .

Online HV CT Ratio Tester (KPM-HVCTR) is used for the determination of:

  • Primary & Secondary Current Measurement

  • Current Transformation Ratio

  • Phase Sequence

  • Polarity

CT/PT Pro 


KPM-CT/PT Pro is an automatic device used for testing of        instrument transformers by voltage ratio method .

 CT/PT Pro is capable of conducting below tests on both CTs & PTs 

1) Turns Ratio ( Ratio Error and Phase Errors ) 

2) Excitation Curve Plotting 

3) Winding Resistance 

4) CT Secondary Burden 

3) Polarity 

Technical Specifications -: 

  • Highest ROI  with never before value proposition . 

  • Easy to operation. KPM- CT PT Pror automatically completes the test and generates report . 

  • Maximum output voltage of 2000V for excitation characteristic test . ​

Primary Current Injection Kit

KPM PIK1000.png

This substation testing device is designed to grant high current output when needed in substation commissioning activities. KPM PIK Series of equipment is having below features-: 

  • High current output up to 8000 A

  • Powerful output up to 35 kVA

  • Customised Design.

  • Designed for primary injection testing of protection relays and circuit breakers, for commissioning and revamping of substations and electrical network

  • Modular design for easy transport

  • Heat run.

Comparison - CT PT Analyzer & CT PT Pro 

KPM CT PT Testers

Video - CT/PT Analyzer


Theory - CT/PT Testing


Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )  

KPM CT_PT Analyzer ,  Generator Busduct

CT (Current Transformer) – Theory

Like any other transformer, a current transformer has a primary winding, a magnetic core, and a secondary winding. The alternating current flowing in the primary produces an alternating magnetic field in the core, which then induces an alternating current in the secondary winding circuit. An essential objective of current transformer design is to ensure that the primary and secondary circuits are efficiently coupled, so that the secondary current bears an accurate relationship to the primary current.



PT (Potential Transformer) – Theory

A Voltage Transformer theory or Potential Transformer theory is just like theory of general purpose step down transformer. Primary of this transformer is connected across the phases or and ground depending upon the requirement. Just like the transformer, used for stepping down purpose, potential transformer i.e. PT has lower turns winding at its secondary. The system voltage is applied across the terminals of primary winding of that transformer, and then proportionate secondary voltage appears across the secondary terminals of the PT.

CT/PT Testing

Below is the list of Major tests conducted on CT & PT

  • Insulation Resistance Test

  • Polarity Test

  • Secondary/Loop Resistance Test

  • Burden Test (optional test)

  • Magnetization Curve Test (optional test)

  • Hysteresis Curve Test

  • Turns Ratio Test (optional test)

  • Primary Injection Test

  • High Voltage Test

CT PT Analyzer

Which type of CT’s can be tested by KPM CT PT Analyzer ?

KPM CT PT Analyzer is capable of testing nearly all type of CT and PT which includes Metering as well as protection CTs . In terms of applications all type of CTs used in power distribution , transmission and generation can be tested using KPM CT / PT Analyzer . Special application CTs such as bus duct ring CT , Transformer Bushing CT can also be tester . KPM CT PT Analyzer can test a PT & CVT also using a Voltage booster Accessory .

Can KPM CT PT Analyzer test Generator Bus Duct CTs ?

Yes KPM CT PT analyzer can test Generator Bus Duct CTs with perfection .

Can KPM CT PT Analyzer test Power Transformer Bushing CTs  ?

Yes , KPM CT PT Analyzer test Power Transformer Bushing CTs with perfection .

Why Testing a Power Transformer Bushing CT is a complex affair for any CT Testing Equipment ?

KPM CT PT Analyzer works on the principle of Voltage Ratio Method . While testing a Power Transformer Bushing CT, the primary circuit is connected to Power Transformer Winding in series which makes the testing complex . KPM CT PT analyzer with the help of its noise reduction circuitry is capable of testing Power Transformer Bushing CT with perfection .

What is the highest knee point tested by KPM CT PT Analyzer .

KPM CT PT Analyzer saturates the core of CTs with high knee point using reducing frequency principle . So practically it can test the knee point of all type of EHV Protection CTs using its low voltage source . Theoritically it can test even 35KV Kneepoint .

Is KPM CT PT analyser portable ?

KPM CT PT Analyzer is highly portable with Size (WXHXD) in mm 485 X 356 X 183 & Weight < 15Kg. This makes it an ideal equipment to travel with .

Which type of power sector customers are using KPM CT PT Analyzer

KPM CT PT Analyzer is used by all type of customers which are in Generation ,Transmission as well as distribution of energy .

Can we measure primary and secondary resistance of a PT using KPM CT PT analyzer

The primary winding resistance of PT is in Kohms . KPM CT PT Analyzer is having resistance range in Kohms, with the help of which it can easily test primary resistance of a PT . Secondary resistance of PT is in ohms which can be easily tested .

Can we get a hysteresis curve of a CT using KPM CT PT analyzer

Yes KPM CT PT analyzer is having a hysteresis curve function. By the end of test the Hysteresis curve of CT is calculated which clearly shows the power loss characteristics of the the CT under Test .

What is hysteresis curve and what is its relevance

The magnetization of ferromagnetic substances due to a varying magnetic field lags behind the field. This effect is called hysteresis, and the term is used to describe any system in whose response depends not only on its current state, but also upon its past history. In KPM CT PT Analyzer the Hysteresis curve of CT is calculated , Width of the Hysteresis curve clearly shows the power loss characteristics of the the CT under Test .

How KPM CT PT analyzer can automatically find a winding resistance value @75’C.

KPM CT PT analyzer is having onboard temperature sensor with the help of which it measures the room temperature at the time of winding resistance testing, Once testing is complete it shows the winding resistance value at room temperature and also the winding resistance temperature compansated value @ 75'C automatically . This reduces chance of any human error due to manual entering of temperature data .

What is CT secondary burden test and what is its relevance

All type of CTs & PTs are designed for a fix burden of load to support . If the connected burden of a CT is more than the required burden then the CT output will not be as per specifications and error will be introduced . KPM CT PT analyser is having a burden testing feature in which KPM CT PT analyzer finds the VA of the complete loop of conductor .

Which test can be conducted using KPM CT PT analyzer ?

Below test can be conducted on CT and PT using KPM CT / PT Analyzer Tests for Current transformer: Excitation curve and parameters test Turns ratio test Ratio and phase error test Polarity mark check Coil resistance measurement Secondary loop burden measurement Error line curve test for protection CT Transient CT parameters test CT nameplate guess Saturation hysteresis loop curve measurement Tests for Voltage transformer: Turns ratio and phase angle error test Polarity test Secondary burden test Winding resistance test