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Battery Voltage Equaliser - MCD 0530

KPM MDC Series 1


KPM MCD 0530 can quickly and accurately maintain the cells with large voltage drops in the lithium battery module. During the test process, the cell voltage and current are monitored in real time, and the accumulated charge/discharge power is calculated, which is suitable for maintenance testing of various types of lithium batteries.


Battery Manufacturers & Automobile Assembly Plants: warehousing and after-sales, single channel high current fast equalization of battery module



Functional Characteristics


Widely Applicable: suitable for maintenance testing of various types of lithium batteries such as lithium iron phosphate, ternary lithium and lithium titanate series
Efficient Maintenance: the constant current charging and discharging mode is adopted, the maximum charging and discharging current can reach 30A, and the portable design improves maintenance efficiency
Easy to carry: the tester is small in size, light in weight, and easy to carry
Presetting Function: provides equalization test parameter preset function, simplify the operation and speed up the test.
3.5 inch LCD Touch Screen: for easy operation and showing various parameters real time
Pause Function: supports manual pause during the test, and the test can be continued after adjusting the parameters, without the need to terminate the test
Protection: supports various testing thresholds to avoid cells over charging or over discharging, ensuring battery and tester safety

KPM MCD series , Li battery testing
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