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A State of Art Device for online monitoring the health of  your critical Earthing System

Grid Earth Resistance Monitor (Germ ) is an state of  art device which  Online monitors the realtime earth resistance value of the Earth Pits and raises an alarm whenever it detects any failure .

GERM also measures the Temperature & Humidity Data of the site &  find the relation between variation of earth pit resistance w.r.t. the environmental parameters.

All the information from the site are securely sent to the server via advance communication methods .


Solar PV Plant

Proper grounding of a photovoltaic (PV) power system is critical to ensuring the safety of the public during the installation’s decades-long life. The basic PV module can produce potentially dangerous currents and voltages for the life of the system. Effective, code-compliant , properly maintained grounding helps to ensure the overall safety of the system.


Launching pads  are Generally located in parts of the earth globe where lightning activity is strong,

Grounding system is a critical point of the launch pad lightning protection system. Indeed, if one wishes to minimize the overvoltage induced by the lightning current, the ground connection must have low impedance

Power Substations 

 The high resistance of earthing system can affect the safety and electromagnetic compatibility of the power supply. In particular, it affects the magnitude and distribution of short circuit currents through the system, and this might be harmful for the equipment and people in the proximity of the circuit

Oil & Gas 

The effectiveness of earthing/grounding and bonding is a prime factor in the protection of personnel against prevention of ignitive sparks in hazardous areas associated with potentially explosive atmospheres. This ranges from protection against static electricity to minimising the possible effects of lightning strikes.

Data Center 

Proper grounding is essential for efficient system performance. Surges that are not properly dissipated by the grounding system introduce electrical noise on data cables. They cause faulty data signals and dropped packets, thus decreasing the throughput and overall efficiency of your network.


High Earth values of the EGB (external ground bar) and IGB (Internal ground bar) damages the communication system .Ultimately communication / defence  companies faces a huge loss at the end of the year


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