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Module Equaliser ( MCD Series ) 

KPM MCD Series 2, Li Battery Discharge Kits


KPM - MCD series tester adopts advanced charging and discharging technology with a variety of built-in test and maintenance modes, which are suitable for the discharge, charging and discharge-charge cycle tests of various lithium battery packs on the market.




  • Battery Manufacturers: after-sales, warehousing, TVC testing, QA and other battery testing

  • Automobile Assembly Plants: battery maintenance

  • 4S Dealership: after-sales maintenance in module charging, discharging and quick matching

Functional Characteristics



  • One Machine with Multifunction: wide range design, suitable for battery packs’ discharge, charge and activation test for different voltage levels

  • Multiple Discharge Modes: high efficiency aerospace load materials and advanced control technology to ensure discharge accuracy

  • High-Efficiency Charging: complete three-stage charging mode (constant current - constant voltage - floating charge) to improve charging efficiency

  • Battery Pack Activation: freely set charge and discharge rules, activation times, and effectively increase battery capacity

  • Wireless Cell Voltage Recording: wireless monitoring and acquisition technology is used to record each cell voltage

KPM MCD Series, Li Battery Discharge Kits
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