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KPM OT 01 Closed Cup Transformer Oil Flash Point Tester
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KPM OT 01 Closed Cup Transformer Oil Flash Point Tester is an automatic closed flash point tester. It is used to measure open, closed flash point of petroleum products. 

Technical Parameters-:

1. Temperature Measurement

  • Temperature measuring range: -59.9°C~299.9°C

  • Temperature Control Range: Room temperature~300°C

  • Repeatability: 0.025X(x=twice successive test average value)

  • Resolution: 0.1°C

  • Precision: 0.5%

  • Temperature Sensor: Platinum Resistor(PT100)

  • Flash Fire Sensor: Ion detection ring

2. Ambient Temperature: 0 ~ 40°C

3. Relative Humidity: ≤ 85% RH

4. Power Supply: AC220V ± 20% ; 50HZ ± 10%

5. Power Consumption: approx 400W

KPM OT03 Viscosity Tester.png
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The kinematic viscosity is the measure of the internal friction force when the liquid flows under the action of gravity, and its value is the ratio of the dynamic viscosity to the density at the same temperature, which is one of the important physical and chemical properties of oil grade and quality identification. In practical application, appropriate selection of lubricating oil viscosity can ensure the normal and reliable work of mechanical equipment.

KPM OT 03 is the special test equipment designed and manufactured based on the national standard / international standards . KPM OT 03 is suitable for the determination of kinematic viscosity of liquid petroleum products.


The instrument has timer function of sample movement time and automatically calculation function of final results of kinematic viscosity.


Kinematic Viscosity Tester Instrument features

◆Viscometer constant, temperature control value, fine-tuning temperature, the number of tests and other parameters can be set by keyboard, the instrument has a memory function to save the data set at the first time automatically

◆Adopt imported sensor and brand-new digital PID self - tuning temperature control technology, which has wide temperature-control range and high temperature-control precision

◆Calendar clock will not power down, and displays the current time automatically when starts up

◆Alternative function of network communication, remote control, tabulation

◆Mark-free button, the operation is intuitive and simple.

◆Number of experiment time is 1 to 6 time/times, which is adjustable and convenient

◆The experimental record can be saved for later viewing.

Kinematic Viscosity Tester Technical parameters

◆Liquid bath hole: 4 holes

◆Temperature control range: Room temperature —120℃

◆Temperature control precision: ≤ ± 0.01℃

◆Heating power: 1000W

◆Test times: 1 to 6 time/times, adjustable

KPM OT05 Acid Value Tester .png
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Acidity of transformer oil, is harmful property. If oil becomes acidic, water content in the oil becomes more soluble to the the oil. Acidity of oil deteriorates the insulation property of paper insulation of winding. Acidity accelerates thee oxidation process in the oil. Acid also includes rusting of iron in presence of moisture. The acidity of transformer oil is measure of its acidic constituents of contaminants. Acidity of oil is express in mg of KOH required to neutralize the acid present in a gram of oil. This is also known as neutralization number.

​KPM OT 05 is an automatic acid value tester with below features-:

  • Multifunction utility - can test  acid value of transformer oil , turbine oil and fuel oil.

  • equipped with standard acid and calibration procedures

  • Fully automatic

  • MIcro printer

  • LCD display

  • High accurate

  • Easy operation



Technical Parameter:


Item  Transformer oil acid value tester                     

          Acidity of transformer oil

Testing Range  0.001~1mg KOH/g

Error  ≤±0.001mg KOH/g

Repeatability  ≤0.002mg KOH/g

Temperature  10°c~45°c

Humidity  ≤85%RH

Power Supply  AC220V/50HZ

Power  500W

KPM OT02 Karl Fischer.png
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Karl Fischer Titrator 

KPM OT 02 is suitable in determining water content in the

 liquid petroleum products by titration using Karl Fischer 

reagent. It adopts a microprocessor for control, so it has 

characteristics of rapid determination speed, high precision, 

LCD display, and automatic print. It also has function of self-diagnostics, menu selection. It is a multifunctional, convenient, and automatic analysis instrument.

Karl Fischer Moisture Titrator Technical parameters:

1  Method  - Karl Fischer Coulometric Titrator Principle

2  Type  Portable

3  Measuring Range  0ug-100mg

4  Resolution  0.1ug

5  the Largest Electrolytic Speed  40 ug/s

6  Power Supply Voltage  AC220V ±20%( customization)

7  Largest power  30w

8  Work Temperature  10~35℃

9  Work Humidity ≤85%

10 Dimensions  320*240*150mm

11 Weight  5kg

KPM OT04 Oil Tan Delta Tester.png
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KPM OTD01 is used for measuring dielectric dissipation factor

 and  DC resistivity of insulating oil and other insulating liquids. 


KPM OTD02 in an auto clean insulating oil dielectric loss and resistivity tester.

General Features-: 

1.Oil cup is cleaned automatically and has electrode 

   calibration function. 

2. Internal standard capacitor electrode type capacitor,with 

    electrode spacing 2mm. 

3.Large-screen LCD,backlight, display is clear. 

4.More accurate. Testing AC power supply adopts 

   AC - DC - AC conversion method. 

5.Equipped with overvoltage, overcurrent and limit 


6.Measured temperature and system clock.  

Technical Parameters

Power Voltage : AC 220V±10%

Power Frequency : 50Hz/60Hz ±1%

Relative permittivity : 1.000~30.000

Dielectric dissipation factor : 0.00001~100

DC Resistivity : 2.5 MΩm~20 TΩm

Measurement Accuracy capacitance : ±(1%reading+0.5pF)

Relative permittivity : ±1%  reading

Dielectric dissipation factor : ±(1% reading +0.0001)

DC Resistivity : ±10% reading

Resolution Ratio capacitance : 0.01pF

Relative permittivity : 0.001

Dielectric dissipation factor : 0.00001

Thermometric Error : ±0.5℃

Boundary Dimension : 500mm*360mm*420mm

Weight : 22kg

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OIL BDV Test Kit ( OBD 100A+)

As the name suggests, Oil BDV Test Set (KPM-OBD100A+) is used for measuring breakdown strength of the insulating oil.

  • Capable of generating 80/100KV with onboard printer. 

  • Motorized & programmed stirrer 

  • Light Weight 

  • 0.5KV/sec to 5KV/sec variable voltage rise as per ASTM Standards ( available in "A+"  models)

KPM OBD 100+.png

OIL BDV Test Kit ( OBD 100+)

As the name suggests, Oil BDV Test Set (KPM-OBD 100+) is used for measuring breakdown strength of the insulating oil.

  • Capable of generating 80/100KV with onboard printer. 

  • Motorized & programmed stirrer 

  • Light Weight 

  • 2KV/sec voltage rise with automatic test plans as per IEC & IS 

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