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CT/PT Tester


     KPM -CT/PT Tester is an automatic device used for testing of       

      instrument transformers by injection of primary current . CT/PT 

      Tester is capable of conducting below tests on both CTs & PTs 

1) Turns Ratio 

2) Excitation Curve Plotting 

3) Polarity 

Technical Specifications -: 

  • Easy to operation. KPM- CT/PT Tester automatically completes the test and avoid user from any exposure to HV. 

  • Maximum output voltage of 1000V for excitation characteristic test . Maximum voltage can be increased upto 2000V with external booster .  

  • Maximum output current of transformation ratio test is 600A which can be raised upto 2000A with external current booster.

  • With 320*240 Large screen (useful for VI characteristic display ) with inbuilt printer. 

  • With rotating knob, it is easy to operate .

  • Built-in flash ram to prevent data loss due to power failure.

  • With RS232 communication interface to make sure connection of the instrument and PC, testers can control the test and unload the test data through PC.

  • AC220V and AC380V power supply

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