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RELAY TEST KIT - ( K3163i )

KPM K3163i, Automatic Relay Test Kit

 Key Features

  • Universal Relay Test Applications

  • Complied IEC61850-9-1, IEC61850-9-2, IEC60044-7/8, etc

  • 100/1000Mbit Fiber port for SMV and GOOSE simulations

  • 6x35A & 4x310V independent high burden output channels

  • 13 channels independent low-level signal outputs

  • AC/DC measurement (8 channels inputs, 0.1 class, 0-600V/0-5A, auto range)

  • Transducer calibration (0.02 class)

  • Energy meter calibration (Mechanical & Electronic meters)

  • Analog and Binary Transient Record

  • Transient play back up to 3KHz

  •  Lightweight, <18Kg

  • Fully function KRT software testing modules

  • 3-Years guarantee of free repair and life-long maintenance

  •  Free software upgrade

Technical Details 

  • 10 Channels (6x35A & 4x310V) outputs, Each output channels are independent and simultaneous control of magnitude, Phase angle and frequency values, able to inject DC, AC sine wave and up to 20x harmonics.

  • Variable battery simulator, DC 0-350V, 140Watts max.

  • 13 Low-level channels outputs up to 8Vac/10Vdc max.

  • 0-600V / 0-5A AC/DC measurement in 0.1 class.

  • Graphical test modules and templates for testing of various relays

  • Quick relay testing facility in Manual mode

  • Shot/Search/Check, Point & Click testing

  • RIO/XRIO import & export facility

  • Switch on to fault test(SOTF)

  • Power system model for dynamic testing

  • Inbuilt GPS sync end-to-end testing

  • Online Vector display

  • Automatic test results assume

  • Automatic test report creation

  • Anti-clipping detect, Wrong wiring connect alarm and self-protect, overload and overheat protection

Voice Note
Quality Certifications 
CE1,  Quality tested

CE Marking 

CE2 ,Quality tested

LVD 2014/35/EU

  • EN 61010-1-2010

CE3 , Quality tested

EMC 2014/30/EU

  • EN 61326-1: 2013 

  • EN 61000-3-2:2014

  • EN 61000-3-3: 2013

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