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KPM OLTC analyzer is a combination of   Transition Timer & Winding Resistance Tester.
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KPM-Tap Changer Analyzer  

Transformer on-load tap changer analyzer is a combination of 

Transition Timer & Winding Resistance Tester. 


KPM Transformer  on-load tap-changer analyzer is a comprehensive measuring instrument for measuring and analysing the electrical performance indicators of power transformers and special transformer on-load tap-changers in power systems. It adopts microcomputer control, and through the design of the precision measuring circuit, it can realize the accurate measurement of the transition time, transition waveform, transition resistance and three-phase synchronization of the on-load tap-changer. 


The user can test the tap changer with & without transformer winding. 

The instrument has the functions of displaying, analyzing, storing and printing the measured data. It is possible to diagnose the potential failure of the on-load tap-changer in the preventive test of power equipment and overhaul of the transformer, which is of great significance for improving the reliability of the operation of the power system.


Technical Parameters

1>Output current: 1.0A, 0.5A, 0.3A

2> Resistance range: 1.0A gear 0.1~10Ω, 0.5A gear 5~20Ω, 0.3A gear 10~40Ω

3> Resistance measurement accuracy: 0.1Ω~1Ω±0.1Ω, 1Ω~40Ω±1% (excluding 1Ω)

4> Transition time measurement: range 1~250Ms, accuracy: 1ms~100ms±0.1ms100ms~250ms±1%

5>Sampling frequency: 10~20KHz

6>Three-phase synchronization: 0.01ms

7>Working temperature: 0~40°C

8> Ambient humidity: ≤90% RH, no condensation

9> Dimensions (mm): 420 × 350 × 220, weight: 12kg (including accessories)

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