Partial Discharge (Hand Held)
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Partial Discharge Detector Penta-PD is an ideal partner for condition-based maintenance programs. Partial Discharge Detector Penta-PD incorporates all 5 types of online PD sensor technology. Information from multiple sensors gives Partial Discharge Detector Penta-PD the versatility to detect various type PD in variety of substation apparatus.

Detection Bandwidth 


1.TEV - Transient Earth Voltage , Range 3~100 MHz

2.UHF - Ultra High Frequency  300MHz~2000 MHz

3.UA – Ultrasonic 40  ~ 200 KHz

HFCT & GIS sensors are optional 


Measurement range 


1.UA: -90~80dB

2.TEV: -80~10dBm

3.UHF: -80~10dBm.

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