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Technical Specifications

1. Ratio measurement range:1—10000

2. Group measurement:1—12

3. Phase measurement error:1 degree

4. Ratio measurement error:1—1000 ± 0.2%   1000—10000  ± 0.5%

5. Power supply: AC220V ± 10%, 50Hz

6. Size : 400*350*200  mm3     Weight : 7kg



1. The voltage ratio measurement of three or singe phase       


2. The group vector measurement of three phase transformer.

3. The polarity measurement of single phase transformer or CT/PT

     (CT that knee-point voltage should be more than 80V)

4. Voltage ratio error calculation 

5. Voltage ratio range calculation of three phase transformer

6. Current transformer ratio measurement

7. Excitation current measurement in ratio testing

8. Reproduce the AC test voltage from power source to reduce the        effects of bad power source 

9. Save the test results in the memory internal the tester

10. Print the test results by micro printer

11. Reverse connection detection unit to prevent high pressure

      injection operation

12. Over current protection in test voltage

13. Upload the test results to make word report by RS232 interface


Technical Specifications : 

Input Power :   220V 50HZ

Output Power:   0-40V -160V Max

Test parameter

1.Rating: 0.9~10000

2.Accuracy:     0.1%(below 500)

0.2% (501-2000)

0.5% (2001-10000)

3.Resolution: Minimum is 0.0001



1.Tester:360*290*170(mm) 5.9KGS

2.Wire box 360*290*170(mm) 5.65KGS


   Applied temperature: -10℃~40℃

   Relative humidity: ≤85%,non-condensing

4. Printer

5. Thermal Printer

It is suitable for a wide variety of transformers, especially suitable for the measurement of Z-type transformers, rectifier transformers, grounding transformers, electric furnace transformers, phase shifting transformers, balance transformers, etc.

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