Penta PD - Partial Discharge Detector

KPM Penta PD

Penta PD Partial Discharge Detector 

Partial Discharge Detector Penta-PD is an ideal partner for condition-based maintenance programs. Partial Discharge Detector Penta-PD incorporates all 5 types of online PD sensor technology. Information from multiple sensors gives Partial Discharge Detector Penta-PD the versatility to detect various type PD in variety of substation apparatus.

Detection Bandwidth 

1.TEV - Transient Earth Voltage , Range 3~100 MHz

2.UHF - Ultra High Frequency  300MHz~2000 MHz

3.UA – Ultrasonic 40  ~ 200 KHz


Measurement range 

1.UA: -90~80dB

2.TEV: -80~10dBm

3.UHF: -80~10dBm.


a) Ultrasonic sensor: 20~200(kHz); 

b) EV (Transient Earth Voltage) sensor: 5 ~ 100MHz; 

c) UHF sensor: 300~2000(MHz), with directional reception characteristic. 

PQ Analyzer Light 

PQA Light .png
Know more

Model KPM PQ Light


1) Product component type Handhold poly-phase power meter 2) Phase description 3PH4W 3PH3W 1PH2W (L-N); 1PH2W(L-L);1PH3W(L-L-N)

3. Device application • Power analysis • Energy meter

4. Input type • External Rogowski coil • External CT(333mV only)

5. Display 3.5 inch TFT screen display

6. Sampling rate 8k samples per second

7. Harmonic 52th Max

8. Mechanical characteristics

• Weight 350g

• Dimension L*W*D:21.5*10*3.5CM

Online Earth Tester (GERM)


A State of Art Device for online monitoring the health of  your critical Earthing System

Grid Earth Resistance Monitor (Germ ) is an state of  art device which  Online monitors the realtime earth resistance value of the Earth Pits and raises an alarm whenever it detects any failure .

GERM also measures the Temperature & Humidity Data of the site &  find the relation between variation of earth pit resistance w.r.t. the environmental parameters.

All the information from the site are securely sent to the server via advance communication methods .