Power System Monitoring

Partial Discharge Testing

KPM Corona Pointer is an ideal equipment for condition-based maintenance programs. Online partial discharge testing is a method of inspecting the insulation of electric power systems while equipment remains energized and in service. Corona Pointer is based on online Ultrasonic PD sensor technology. The product adopts a low power consumption, low noise, and high sensitivity design. By optimizing the signal acquisition and processing algorithms, fast capture of discharge pulses can be achieved. It performs a real-time ultrasonic measurement and superimpose it on the  visible image with laser pointer . This gives user a pin pointing idea about the PD source.


HV Labs



•Transmission Lines

Online Temperature & PD Monitoring


Rugged fiber optic sensors for precision measurement in R&D labs, Microwaves, High Voltage, Automotive, Aerospace & Military applications.

  • Transformer factory: Hottest spot testing

  • Medical Equipment testing (MRI, PETSCAN, NMR)

  • Commercial Grade Microwave heating applications

  • Industrial process control and monitoring applications

  • Chemical and process Industries

  • Food and Beverage Processes

  • Wood drying industry

  • Electric Vehicle and Battery Testing

Online Earth Tester (GERM)

A State of Art Device for online monitoring the health of  your critical Earthing System

Grid Earth Resistance Monitor (Germ ) is an state of  art device which  Online monitors the realtime earth resistance value of the Earth Pits and raises an alarm whenever it detects any failure .

GERM also measures the Temperature & Humidity Data of the site &  find the relation between variation of earth pit resistance w.r.t. the environmental parameters.

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