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KPM CET 1200

Clamp Earth Tester (KPM-CET1200) is widely applied in ground resistance measurement, loop resistance measurement in fields such as electric power, telecommunications, meteorology, oil field, architecture and industrial electrical equipment, etc. When measuring ground system with loop, there is no need to disconnect the ground wire without auxiliary electrode, which means safer and faster.

Clamp Earth Tester (KPM-CET1200) can measure the ground fault which can not be measured by traditional method, can apply in the occasion where traditional methods are unworkable; Clamp Earth Tester (KPM-CET1200) measures the integrated value of ground resistance and resistance lead.

Clamp Earth Tester (KPM-CET1200) is another perfect upgrade on old models.

Key Specifications of Clamp Earth Tester (KPM-CET1200)

  • Measures ground resistance/loop resistance

  • Big jaw size (65mmx32mm)

  • Wide resistance measurement range (0.01Ω to 1200Ω)

  • Wide current measurement range (0.01A to 20A)

  • Ideal for testing mutually connected earth pit circuits like Grid earthing, Mesh earthing,Transmission tower earthing


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