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The KPM-AC series of HIPOTs consists of single HV transformer & main control box.

There are three types of HV transformer based on insulation material.

  • Dry HV transformer (Epoxy Resin Insulation)

  • Oil HV transformer (Insulation Oil)

  • SF6 gas HV transformer (SF6 Gas Insulation)

Model Specifications


KPM-AC50/30 50kV @ 30mA – 22kg
KPM-AC50/60 50kV @ 60mA – 33kg
KPM-AC50/120 50kV @ 120mA – 53kg
KPM-AC50/200 50kV @ 200mA – 79kg
KPM-PIK/50/100 100kV @ 100mA – 98kg



It consists of a control unit & a double rectifier unit. The KPM-DC series of HIPOTs is light weight, portable & easy to use. These units are user friendly & its output is stable at even high voltages

Model Specifications

KPM-DC60/10 60kV @ 10mA – 16kg
KPM-DC120/10 120kV @ 10mA – 20kg
KPM-DC200/10 200kV @ 10mA – 26kg
KPM-DC300/10 300kV @ 10mA – 31kg

VLF Hipot Tester


Advancement in technology has brought a unique equipment at our doorstep which allows us to use extremely low frequency i.e. 0.1 Hz.

So, the only way to field test high capacitance loads, like cables and motors/generators, with AC voltage, is to use a VLF hipot tester. The lower the frequency, the less current and power needed to test high capacitance loads.

VLF hipoting is not destructive to good insulation and does not lead to premature failures like with DC voltage testing. Using VLF does not cause degradation of the insulation as well.

Hence, KPM offers you the VLF Hipot Tester which provides the overvoltage and overcurrent protection along with voltage boost body in the design and this eliminate the need of additional protective resistor connected outside.

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