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800V Battery Discharger Kit ( MDH Series )  

KPM MDH 8006.png


KPM MDH 8006 ,  High-Voltage Lithium Battery Discharger is designed for the rapid discharge requirements of high-voltage lithium battery packs, the discharge voltage can reach 800V. It is equipped with a CAN data bus, which can read battery cell data during discharge. It is an ideal device for battery manufacturers and automobile assembly plants to quickly discharge battery packs during storage, transportation, repair and battery recycling.



Battery Manufacturers & Automobile Assembly Plants: storage, transportation, repairs and battery recycling



Functional Characteristics


High-Voltage Discharge: the max discharge voltage can reach 800V, meeting the discharge requirements of various high-voltage lithium battery packs
Cell Data Collection: with CAN data bus, cell data can be read during discharge
Multiple Protections: supports protection of over-discharge, over-temperature, overcurrent, polarity reversal

Voice Note
KPM MDH 8006.png
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