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At KPM we are involved in Decentralised Manufacturing , Assembling & Consulting of electrical testing and measuring equipment . KPM provides a gamut of hitech equipment used for most typical power system testing applications. Our test solutions are specially designed considering requirement of Distribution, Transmission & Generation power companies. With KPM, you are assured of not only the best test equipment, but you also get an inside view of which unit is actually suitable for you. As we are an unbiased supplier of test equipment, we do take into consideration all the advantages before we recommend a particular product to our esteemed customers. 

Since 1992, KPM Engineering Solutions has been a leading company in electrical consultancy and has successfully executed dozens of projects aimed at providing innovative engineering solutions. From 2019, KPM has undergone restructuring & acquisitions diversifying  itself into testing and measuring equipment industry business. Whenever required, our T&M division & consultancy division handshakes to provide value addition services like result interpretation & root cause analysis for DUT (device under test ) failure.

We partner with world leading  R & D and production houses all across the world to bring best reliable solutions to the door steps of our esteemed customers. Each solution supplied by KPM is backed by a team of expert application & service support. Before reaching our customers each solution passes through our precise laboratory standards & stringent field trials in EHV (upto 765KV) live switchyard conditions. 


We are a group of technocrats with vast sales & application experience in both high voltage /low voltage electrical T & M industry.  Genetically an electrical consultancy firm, we are providing design & troubleshooting services to our esteemed  clients for the past 2.5 decades. At KPM , we are committed to providing our customers precise equipment for right T & M application & then act as a first point of contact for every support related to the product .


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International Customers  
Customer References

Recently placed order for KPM CT PT Analyzer for testing of CT PTs in 400KV Live Switchyards . 

A leding Central Gov. EPC , India 

Recently commissioned automatic relay test kit , K3063i   , Online training & application support was provided by KPM Team 

A leading steel co. , Nigeria 

Ordered KPM K3063i , with online support from KPM Engineering

A leading EPC , Chile

Recently commissioned a package of  KPM Tan delta Kit , CT PT Analyzer, LA Tester, PQ Analyzer, Battery Testing Kit  etc. 

A leading power plant maintenance multinational co. , India 

Commissioned  KPM CT PT Analyzer for testing of CT & PTs in Hydro power Plants 

A leding Central Gov. Hydro Power Co. , India 

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