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Module Air Tightness Tester

KPM LI 80L, Li Battery Pack Air Tightness Tester

KPM 80L  air tightness tester is the latest high-precision non-destructive testing equipment developed by KPM . The equipment mainly uses compressed air as the medium to apply a certain pressure to the inner cavity or surface of the product to be tested, and then uses a high-sensitivity sensor to detect changes in pressure to determine the tightness of the product to be tested. It has the characteristics of no pollution, fast and accurate testing, etc., which effectively improves the testing efficiency and product quality of customers in the new energy industry.


Functional Characteristics


  • High Sensitivity: High-sensitivity pressure sensing, greatly improving test accuracy and stability

  • Large-screen display: 7-inch large-screen touch display, the test process and data are clear at a glance

  • Support scan code gun: support scan code gun access, directly scan code to display the serial number of the unit to be tested

  • Process visualization: the test process can display the progress time of each stage

  • Dual display of pressure value: with real-time display of pressure dial and display of process pressure curve

  • Parameter management: The test parameters of standard parts can be preset, and they can be called directly, which is convenient and fast

  • Parameter setting: parameters such as workpiece number, volume, pressure, time of each stage, leakage limit, etc. can be preset

  • Automatic screenshots of results: automatic screenshots are saved after the test is completed, and can be exported to U disk, eliminating the need for the camera to take pictures.

  • Intelligent alarm: sound and light alarm will be issued when the test is abnormal or failed, and it is safe and worry-free

  • Remote management: support remote submission of test data to the platform and remote program upgrades

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