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Earth Tester (Spike Method) KPM-ET30K Earth Resistance & Soil Resistivity Tester is specially  designed  and  manufactured  for  measuring  earth resistance, soil resistivity, earth voltage, AC voltage. Adopting the  latest  digital  and  micro-processing  technology,  precise 4-pole,  3-pole  and  simple  2-pole method  for  earth  resistance measurement,  importing  FFT  and  AFC  technology,  with  a unique function of anti-interference capability and the ability to adapt  to  the  environment,  consistency  of  repeat  testing,  to ensure high precision, high stability and reliability for prolonged measurement .

Earth Tester (Spike Method) KPM-ET30K is  widely  used  in  electric  power, telecommunications,  meteorology,  oil  field,  construction, lightning protection, industrial  electrical  equipment  and  other earth  resistance,  soil  resistivity,  earth  voltage,  AC  voltage measurement.

Key Specifications of Earth Tester (Spike Method) KPM-ET30K

  • ALARM: Earth Tester (Spike Method) KPM-ET30K has alarm feature , user can get alarm when limit exceeds.

  • AUTOMATIC CALCULATION OF RESISTIVITY: In the traditional equipment we have to calculate the soil resistivity manually whereas Earth Tester (Spike Method) KPM-ET30K calculates  the  final value automatically

  • AUTOMATIC FREQUENCY CONTROLLER: Earth Tester (Spike Method) KPM ET30K automatically selects the testing frequency with the least amount of noise    enabling you to get a clear reading.


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