Epidemic Prevention

Smart Disinfectant Gateway ( KPM DC-03)

KPM DC 03 , is a Smart Disinfectant Gateway used for epidemic prevention and fever detection in high-flow and highly crowded areas. It can conduct non-contact infrared temperature detection via facial recognition and hand washing-free disinfection for people passing through. Meanwhile, it makes surface spray on people, pets, goods and other objects for atomization disinfection in 360° all-round way.


If the temperature is detected as abnormal, the voice alarm function will give an audible and visual alarm to remind the guard to conduct the second screening.


The equipment adopts food-grade safe disinfectant, 100% harmless to human body . Spray time can be adjusted as needed. The equipment has casters, is more flexible and convenient to move with the change of places. It is scientific, safe , and beautiful in design with the function of automatic collection of effluent. It is also with the characteristic of environmental protection.

* DC - 03 is a state of art machine with the capability to create a disinfectant fog of any type of water mixed disinfectant in prescribed quantities approved by Government Authorities. User shall always follow local government guidelines for the same. DC-03 stops the spread of epidemic  &  can not treat a person already suffering from the epidemic.   

** DC-03 user must adhere to all government guidelines for epidemic prevention such as regular hand washing, social distancing etc. 

TC 400 - online fever monitoring 

TC400/600is a special thermal imaging camera for human body temperature measurement. It features Accurate temperature measurement, real-time imaging, high-temperature automatic tracking, meanwhile it can quickly lock the hot spot. Our Products are widely used in airport, dock, station, school, shopping malls and other public places to check human body temperature abnormalities. Palmetto design, compact and lightweight, integrated visible light function. Reliable performance and accurate temperature measurement can effectively improve the efficiency of detection.

Resolution : 160 X 120 Pxl 

Temperature Senstivity : < 0.3'C 

Temperature Range : 30'C to 45'C 

Communication : Ethernet 

Neo Gateway - Unmatched Utility

KPM Neo gateway is an unmatched solution for fever screening of masses. 

  • Price Effective Solution.

  • Quick Temp Screening – 1sec

  • 50 CM Sensing Distance

  • Visual & Sound Alarm

  • Ideal for Masses

  • Long Lasting SS Stand

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TI 160-P4

TI160-P4 is an online infrared body temperature screener for human body temperature measurement. Part of the outstanding features are accurate temperature measurement, real-time imaging, high-temperature auto tracking, and fast targeting. Products are widely used in airport, dock, station, school, shopping malls and other public places to check human body temperature. TI160-P4 has compact structure, small size, light weight, stable performance, high sensitivity, clear image, etc. It can be combined with a dedicated infrared lens, controllable heavy-duty heads, shields and other equipment to integrate a complete infrared online monitoring system.

Main Features

◆ Stable performance, can be integrated into multiple application environments
◆ Multiple lens options, support autofocus
◆ Auto track high temperature points and display temperature values
◆ Real-time recording of temperature data stream
◆ Temperature data transmission up to 100M bandwidth
◆ Provide professional version analysis software and SDK software package for development
◆ Support ONVIF protocol


  • Resolution : 384 X 288 Pxl 

  • Temperature Senstivity : < 0.5'C 

  • Temperature Range : 30'C to 45'C 

  • Communication : Ethernet 

UV disinfectant Lamps 

UV is a well proven method of killing germs , Our UV lamps makes your surroundings

 safer .   

** Precautions : Always avoid exposure of human body to UV Lights

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