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Module Charging & Discharging ( Forklift Application )

KPM MCD Series

KPM MCD 4X100 integrates discharge, charging and activation functions in one unit with a wider range of current, and can solve various test and maintenance tasks. It can simulate a variety of actual loading operating modes of the battery pack to test the battery performance more comprehensively.



After-sales, large-capacity lithium battery capacity test, especially suitable for rapid maintenance of forklift lithium batteries



Functional Characteristics



  • 4 independent charging and discharging tests, voltage measurement range DC 0-5V, current 0-100A continuously adjustable

  • Combined test mode, the current can reach up to 400A

  • Large-capacity data storage, can automatically generate data reports

  • Integrates discharge, charging and activation functions in one unit, it can solve various test and maintenance tasks

  • Multiple shutdown thresholds can be set. the tester will automatically stop the test to avoid overcharging and overdischarging of the battery and to ensure the safety of the battery and the device itself

  • 7-inch LCD Screen: large LCD touch screen displays test data and charts in real time, supports touch operation, and the user-friendly input method and menu design simplifies the operation process

  • Intelligent Ports: Configure RS485, RJ45, CAN and other data ports, support lithium battery BMS, upper computer, and other intelligent devices for communication

KPM MCD 4X100A.png
Voice Note
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