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Cell Voltage Equaliser - KPM CCD Series  

KPM CCD Series

KPM CCD series tester is an intelligent and efficient lithium battery equalization maintenance instrument, which is used to quickly solve the problem of inconsistent voltage of lithium battery pack. Meanwhile it supports making the voltage difference of any battery, which can be used for research and development experiments to simulate what problems will occur when the battery reaches the maximum voltage difference under harsh working conditions. It is suitable for various types of lithium battery packs and is the best tester for battery manufacturers and distributors.



  • Battery Manufacturers: after-sales, warehousing, TVC testing, QA and other battery testing

  • Automobile Assembly Plants: battery maintenance

  • 4S Dealership: after-sales maintenance

Functional Characteristics


  • Intelligent Test: it can detect and equalized charging or discharge the cell in the battery pack. When charging or discharging the battery pack, it can be ensured that each cell will not be overcharged or overdischarged.

  • Presetting Function: provides equalization test parameter preset function, simplify the operation and speed up the test

  • Voltage Clamp: constant voltage and reduces current, ensure that the voltage of the cells in the battery pack is infinitely close to the target threshold during the test

  • Multiple Protections: supports voltage and cell temperature information monitoring, and provide multiple test shutdown thresholds to avoid battery overcharge and overdischarge

  • 7 inch LCD Touch Screen: for easy operation and showing various parameters real time

KPM CCD, Li battery discharge kit
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