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KPM - PDTI Monitor


The KPM PDTI system is deployed on primary switching equipment such as ring network switch cabinets, cable termination boxes, and transformer output cables etc. within the power distribution network. Its primary function is to conduct online monitoring of partial discharge, indicating potential short circuits and ground faults in corresponding cable sections, along with real-time temperature monitoring.

Utilizing the pulse current method, a widely recognized and utilized partial discharge testing technique, the system quantifies apparent discharge in pC units. This quantitative measurement objectively reflects the insulation status of electrical equipment. Notably, switch cabinets operating at voltage levels of 10kV and above witness the highest installation rates and are prone to significant failures with severe consequences.

Therefore, implementing online monitoring of partial discharge and temperature rise in switchgear rated at 10kV and above not only offers insights into equipment insulation status but also enables timely detection of manufacturing and installation issues. It aids in pinpointing the cause and severity of insulation faults. Additionally, the system integrates cable temperature monitoring, high-voltage live indication, and fault indication functions.

This feature aids inspection personnel in assessing the insulation status of the switch cabinet, thereby reducing operational and maintenance costs. Timely problem resolution minimizes insulation hazards and enhances the reliability of power distribution equipment operation.

Research indicates that organizations that utilize partial discharge monitoring. experience up to a 70% reduction in unplanned downtime due to equipment failures.

• Real-Time Temperature
• Short-Circuit Alarm Indication
• Ground Alarm Indication
• Temperature Alarm Indication

The partial discharge detection technology using pulse current method has high monitoring sensitivity. Implement the international standard IEC60270 for partial discharge detection, which can quantify discharge.

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