M 600   ( 640 X 512 Pxl ) 


M600 Series Handheld Infrared Thermal Imager is a high-resolution manual focusing thermal imaging thermodetector. It is provided with a built-in IRay self-developed 12μm high-performance 640×512 infrared thermal imaging core chip and a 5-million-pixel visible light camera of 35 mK thermal sensitivity and 30 Hz high frame rate. With its accurate manual focusing function, it can save focusing time and provide accurate data and clear images to meet the requirements of research and analysis work. With its excellent characteristics,   M600 Infrared Thermal Imager is the right-hand assistant of engineers in scientific research, professional equipment, and building inspection.

  1. 640×512 high-performance temperature measurement core Real 320,000 real-time infrared temperature measurement points + 500W visible light High resolution, high frame rate, high precision, wide range, integrated in  M600 USB plug-and-play analysis, supporting real-time transmission and analysis of full-frame temperature information

  2. Advanced interactive functions, visualized temperature measurement results are clear at a glance Three-point temperature display, can define temperature measurement in point and line area PC end analysis data is complete, App is easy to operate Built-in 5 image modes + 10 pseudo color settings, Support the whole frame of high and low temperature reporting and taking pictures at regular intervals

  3. Easy to use and reliable performance of the whole machine , Rugged and durable, IP54 protection level + 2 meters drop resistance

C 200 ( 256 X 192 Pxl )


C200 Pro is a handheld thermal camera with an upgraded thermographic detector. Operating efficiency is upgraded: InfiRay® self-developed high-performance 12μm infrared detector, 256×192 high resolution, and 0.04℃ temperature resolution are C200 Pro’s "trump cards" to provide infrared thermal images of rich details and accurate temperature measurement. With pro-grade 2,000,000-pixel visible light and low lag, it can meet professional work requirements easily. What's more, it features timed photographing, 15h long battery life, plug-and-analyze through USB. Tianshu C200 Pro, powerful upgrade of the detector

Pro-grade high-performance infrared detector

With pro-grade 256×192 resolution, 2,000,000-pixel visible light, and pro-grade low lag, it can meet professional requirements easily. Matrix III intelligent image algorithm optimizes the short-distance imaging. With 56° wide FOV, it provides efficient short-distance details observation, to get clear thermal images with rich details.

Pro-grade built-in thermal imaging functions

For professional users, the built-in timed photographing and automatic alarm snapshot are provided: the number of photos to take and the time interval can be set, and meanwhile, the automatic alarm and snapshot can be set. Besides, it features automatic record and trace of abnormal temperature, real-time record of equipment status separated from PC, target temperature trend, ultra-long battery life, external power supply, and quick deployment.

Pro-grade easy-to-use thermal imager

Battery life is improved again: 15h, increased by 36% compared with the last generation. IP54 waterproof and dustproof and 2m drop protection make it easier to use: even in a complicated environment, it can still provide crisp and clear thermal images.