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Decoding - Power Transformer Bushing CT Testing using KPM CT PT Analyzer

Updated: Jun 26, 2023

KPM CT PT Analyzer is a specialized device used for testing and analyzing the performance of current transformers (CTs) and potential transformers (PTs), also known as voltage transformers, in power systems. When it comes to bushing CT testing of a power transformer, the KPM CT PT Analyzer serves several important purposes:

  1. Turns Ratio Measurement: The KPM CT PT Analyzer allows for accurate measurement of the turns ratio of bushing CTs. The turns ratio is a critical parameter that indicates the relationship between the primary and secondary windings of the CT. By measuring the turns ratio, the analyzer helps assess the accuracy and performance of the CT in transforming current levels.

  2. Polarity Verification: The analyzer enables the verification of the polarity of the bushing CTs. Polarity determines the direction of current flow and is crucial for proper metering and protection schemes in power systems. The KPM CT PT Analyzer can determine the polarity and identify any incorrect connections or wiring errors in the CT.

  3. Saturation Analysis: Saturation occurs when the CT's core reaches its magnetic saturation point, leading to inaccuracies in current measurement. The KPM CT PT Analyzer can analyze the CT's saturation characteristics and determine the point at which saturation occurs. This information helps identify potential measurement errors and ensures the CT operates within its linear range.

  4. Burden Measurement: The burden of a CT refers to the impedance or load that the CT presents to the secondary circuit. The KPM CT PT Analyzer can measure the burden of the CT accurately. This measurement is essential for assessing the CT's capability to deliver accurate current outputs under different load conditions.

  5. Excitation Curve Analysis: The KPM CT PT Analyzer can generate and analyze the excitation curve of a CT. The excitation curve shows the relationship between the CT's secondary current and the applied voltage. Analyzing the excitation curve helps identify abnormalities, such as non-linear behavior or excessive magnetizing current, which may indicate CT saturation or other performance issues.

  6. Diagnostics and Reporting: The KPM CT PT Analyzer typically provides advanced diagnostic features and generates comprehensive reports. It can identify potential issues, such as insulation problems, winding defects, or core saturation, based on the test results. The analyzer's reporting capabilities help in documenting the CT test data and enable efficient analysis and decision-making for maintenance and troubleshooting purposes.

Overall, the KPM CT PT Analyzer plays a crucial role in bushing CT testing of power transformers by providing accurate measurement and analysis of various parameters, including turns ratio, polarity, saturation, burden, and excitation characteristics. It helps ensure the proper functioning and performance of the CTs and contributes to the overall reliability and efficiency of the power transformer system.

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