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Monitor health of your battery bank, & you will never run out of it .

Updated: Sep 11, 2020

KPM -BTMS is a smart solution for  monitoring batteries of

UPS Data centers Telecom Solar energy storage bank Substations Power Plants Industries etc.

KPM-BTMS with the help of its  build-in webserver and mobile application is capable of on-line real-time monitoring of battery status . KPM-BTMS is capable of issuing an alarm in case of any abnormal predefined conditions .

KPM-BTMS is capable of measuring below parameters -:

Battery Voltage of Battery Cells Internal Temperature(Negative pole)Impedance monitoring for Battery Cell Voltage, Current, SOC, SOH monitoring for Battery string Monitor Ambient Temperature and humidity of monitor room (Optional)

Other features of KPM – BTMS includes

Support Sound and Light Alarm (Optional)Setpoint alarm, Auto Balancing function and Data Collecting funtion , Real time and history data records with curve analysis Support XLS, PDF, JPG format export and print out the data Monitor Ambient Temperature and humidity of monitor room (Optional).

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