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Power transformer as an important electrical equipment, its safe and reliable operation is extremely important for power systems. After the impact of short-circuit current, the transformer winding deformation test is very important. The short-circuit impedance method measures the short-circuit impedance of
the operating frequency. The test result is mainly leakage reactance component, determined by the geometry of the winding. The change of the transformer winding structure will cause changes of
the transformer leakage reactance, resulting in transformer short circuit impedance numerical changes.
The tester follows IEC60076-5-2006. also the tester can also be used for generator rotor AC impedance test,
transformer load and no load loss test.

1. Using six channels of AD chip of 16 bits;
2. With seven inch LCD touch screen of which the brightness can be adjusted;
3. With thermal printer of which the print thick can be adjusted;
4. It could store fifty groups of SCI data and thirty groups of GAI data, which could be read to current screen
or upload to the PC;
5. With PC software using which we could upload data ,test, analyze data, print data, or create word
6. Using USB2.0 to connect to the device;
7. Tester dimension:49X31X25cm;
8. Weight:8.0KG;
9. Power:AC220V±10%, (50 or 60)HZ ;
10. Environment:-10℃~50℃ humidity <90%;

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