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Acidity of transformer oil, is a harmful property. If oil becomes acidic, water content in the oil becomes more soluble to the the oil. Acidity of oil deteriorates the insulation property of paper insulation of winding. Acidity accelerates the oxidation process in the oil. Acid also leads to rusting of iron in presence of moisture. The acidity of transformer oil is measure of its acidic constituents of contaminants. Acidity of oil is express in mg of KOH required to neutralize the acid present in a gram of oil. This is also known as
neutralization number.

KPM OT 05 is an automatic acid value tester with
below features-:

OT-05 is a Multifunction utility - can test acid value of transformer oil , turbine oil and fuel oil equipped with standard acid and calibration procedures , Fully automatic , Micro printer, LCD display, High accuracy &, Easy operation.

Technical Parameters-:

Finds out acidity of transformer oil

• Testing Range 0.001~1mg KOH/g
• Error ≤}0.001mg KOH/g
• Repeatability ≤0.002mg KOH/g
• Temperature 10°c~45°c
• Humidity ≤85%RH
• Power Supply AC220V/50HZ
• Power 500W

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