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Fiber Optic Based Temperature Monitors 

L 201


The Rugged Monitoring L201 is a light weight, compact design, and highly reliable monitoring system based on industry proven fiber optic temperature sensing, GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) technology. The L201 is a multi-channel monitoring system that comes with up to 08 measurement channels, one serial communication port (RS485), one USB port for configuration, and slot for micro SD memory. It can be powered by 5V external Battery or from PC / Laptop (UBS Powered). The L201 is being used in laboratories and research applications where accurate (less than 1°C), faster (200ms) and repeatable (100%) temperature testing/monitoring is needed under harsh conditions such as High Electric, Magnetic, Chemical, RF/Microwave environments. It has a wide measuring range from -269 °C to +300 °C.

T 301


The Rugged Monitoring T301 is a specially designed fiber optic temperature monitor for long term continuous online monitoring and testing application in energy, emobility, aerospace, defense, Oil & Gas and Industrial segments. The T301 Fiber optic monitor combines compact form factor and user-friendly interface in the monitor and software. The system is based on proven zero-drift GaAs technology and designed for Plug and Play operation. The T301 has wider measuring range from -269 °C to +300 °C, with higher accuracy (less than 1°C), 100% repeatability and faster response time (200ms per channel). It has capability to measure temperature from maximum 24 Fiber Optic Temperature Sensors and a local LED display for real time data visualization. The system supports range of comminution options (Serial-RS485, Ethernet-RJ45, Fiber-FXP) for third party system integration.

O 201


The O201 is based on proven GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) technology of fiber optic temperature measurement. It is a multi-channel fiber optic temperature monitor that comes into 4 options i.e. 02 channels, 04 channels, 06 channels and 08 channels. Up to 32 x O201 units can be connected in series (daisy chain distributed architecture) using Modbus, CANBUS or DNP3.0 protocols to make the total of 256 channel monitoring system.

The O201 fiber optic temperature monitor offers higher accuracy (0.2 Deg C, relative), with 100% repeatability, over a wide measurement range (-269 °C to +300 °C). The monitor does not need periodic calibrations and complex compensations while measuring the temperature under harsh conditions, EMI, RFI, Microwave and high voltage environments.

H 201


The Rugged Monitoring H201 is a compact design, designed for reliability to operate in extreme EMI, RFI, Microwave and High Voltage environments. The H201 Fiber optic monitor combines reliability and user friendly interface in the monitor and software.  It is a multi-channel fiber optic temperature monitor with precision measurement for Factory Testing, Industrial and Laboratory applications. The H201 has a measuring range from -271 °C to +300 °C. The system is based on proven GaAs technology  and designed for Plug and Play operation. Its immunity to extreme test conditions and harsh environment makes H201 the default choice for temperature testing and measurement.

R 501


The Rugged Monitoring R501 is designed with built-in flexibility and upgradability to accommodate for the changing needs of customers. The R501 solution provides real time monitoring of fiber optic temperature and many other parameters such as, Pressure, AC Current, AC Voltage, DC Current, DC Voltage, Binary Inputs etc. Different kinds of input/output (IO) modules (Analog Input, Digital Input, Analog Output, Digital Output) are available to fit into the chassis. It supports both rack mount and distributed installation. The R501 chassis can be installed into customer control panel providing flexibility to test/monitor up to 256 sensors. 

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