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KPM LC Pro adopts a use of new generation highspeed microprocessors which simultaneously collects the tested objects’ voltage and current signals, automatically calculate capacitance ,inductance and reactive power parameters. KPM LC Tester can conduct field measurements of capacitors without removing the jumper connections, simplifying the testing process, improve efficiency and avoid damage to electrical equipment.

Once test is over each phase capacitance and other parameters are automatically calculated. User can easily distinguish the capacitor quality and component failures.

At the same time, the instrument with data storage and USB communication functions, can ensure the measured data integrity.

Instrument function

The main function of the instrument is measuring compensation capacitor capacitance value of each phase and total capacitance, inductance value, the resistive component of the test sample, dielectric loss angle, loss factor, reactive power and active power.

1. Quick connections : KPM LC Pro is equipped with high-current & high-precision current clamp, field
capacitors can be tested without removing the cable, simplifying the testing process, improve efficiency
and avoid damage to electrical equipment.
2. Automatic working : Once the three-phase test is completed , KPM LC Pro automatically calculates the
capacitance value of each phase and the total capacitance value , reactive power and other parameters,
simple and intuitive , reducing the burden on the test engineer.
3. Four-terminal measurement: The fourterminal measurement techniques results in measurement accuracy
& high repeatability.
4. Storage features: Max Storage 400 report data with historical data query capabilities.
5. USB communication: USB communication functions with the PC.
6. Large Touch Screen: 7-inch color touch - screen LCD display, intuitive interface, easy to operate.
7. Temperature monitoring: Monitors ambient temperature, easy to record values of capacitors at different

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