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The KPMPDM-01 partial discharge detector stands out as a versatile digital tool within KPM's product range.
Featuring a 10.1-inch touch screen, it replaces the traditional oscilloscope tube and physical knob operation,
enhancing user convenience. The instrument employs a full touch screen interface, contributing to extended
product longevity and incorporates useful features such as automatic correction, high voltage divider ratio
settings, and serial communication for uploading test data.
Highlighted by its high sensitivity, broad application scope, expansive dynamic range in amplification systems, and a variety of frequency band combinations (nine types), the instrument exhibits robust anti-interference capabilities. Widely adopted by electric power departments, manufacturers, and scientific research institutes, it has become an indispensable and practical tool for conducting partial discharge testing.

1. The equivalent capacitance ranges : from6pF to 250uF
2. Number of channels: single channel
3. Measurement range: 0.1pC-10000nC
4. Elliptic scan time base -:
(1) Frequency 50/60, 100, 150, 200, 400Hz
(2) Rotation: 30 ° as the first gear and can rotate at 120 °
(3) Working method: ellipse sine wave straight line
5. Display unit : Use a 10.1-inch capacitive touch screen.
6. Amplifier
(1) 3dB low frequency fl:10, 20, 40kHz optional
(2) 3dB high frequency fh:80, 200, 300kHz optional
(3) Gain adjustment, rough adjustment 6, inter gear gain Difference 20 ± 1dB, fine adjustment range
(4) Asymmetry of positive and negative pulse response<1dB
7. Time window
(1) Window width: adjustable, 5 ° ~ 170 ° at 50Hz
(2) Window position: each window can rotate 0 ° ~ 170 °
(3) Two-time windows can be opened separately or simultaneously.
8. Peak pulse display The touch screen displays one decimal place (10pc or more), two decimal places
(less than 10pc), error: ± 3% (in full scale)
9. Test voltage display
(1) Range 150kV
(2) Input impedance: >1mΩ
(3) Display: touch screen display, display one decimal place
(4) Error: ± 1%
10. Test frequency display Error: less than ± 1%
11. Zero standard system: Zero sign is consistent with all ellipse scanning frequencies
12. Structure Dimensions: 370mm(width), 460mm (depth), 215mm (height), Weight: about 12.5kg

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