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KPM-OTD Series



KPM’s Oil Tan Delta Test Sets (KPM-OTD Series equipment) are Digital Automatic Dielectric Dissipation Factor Testers with high-precision, which can be applied to measure dielectric loss angle and Volume Resistivity of insulating oil in lab conditions . It is integrated by oil cup for dielectric loss, temperature-control equipment, temperature sensor, test-bridge for dielectric loss, AC power source, standard capacitor, high resistance meter and DC high-voltage power etc.


High frequency induction heating, which has the advantage of

• Non-contact of oil cup and heating unit
• Homogeneous heating.
• Quick and convenient temperature control.

Convenience and Portability are the most remarkable advantages of this instrument:
1. Digital technology and intelligent automation measurements.
2. Big touch screen (320mm×240mm) with menu interface in English.
3. Onboard Printer.

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