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KFA 300



I pad size, built-in battery design, for on-site maintenance and testing of non-electric environment, protection relay testing, secondary circuit inspect and secondary voltage and current testing.

Unique Proposition:

Lightest Relay Test Kit of < 3Kg with analog o/ps
Current Sources: 3 X 10 A
Voltage Sources: 3 X 265 V
Inbuilt Display & Battery
Ideal for testing of Numerical and Static Relays

Software Function

Manual/Auto AC test function
State Sequencer Test Function
Overcurrent Breaker Tester Function
Remote (Signal, Measurement, Control) Function
Remote Signal Test function

Product Feature:

Device Size:B5 paper size, aluminum alloy case, very small and light.
Device Weight:3kg, Beautiful and light, easy to carry and use。
Operational performance: high performance FPGA,32-bit ARM microprocessor 1000MHz, smooth
operation, 7.0-inch LED captative touch screen, full touch operation, non-reflective contrast, clear display for outdoor
Equipment self-protection function
voltage output short-circuits, current output
open-circuit, temperature overheat protection.

Built-in Internal Battery

8-cell imported lithium battery, standby working @me is 8 hours, 5A current output. can work continuously for 1 hour; Fast charging, charging @me is less than 1 hour.

KFA 300 (Video)
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