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KPM – PDA – 01 An advanced partial discharge analyzer with detailed insight capabilities

Features :

• Fully digital partial discharge measurement with simultaneous sampling, processing and display.
• Internal and external synchronisation can be selected at will, with zero mark indication and phase discrimination.
• Display modes: free choice of ellipse, line and sine.
• Analysis of individual discharge pulse waveforms in order to determine the nature of the discharge.
• Saving of test data and waveforms at any time, as well as the possibility of redisplaying and analysing past saved test records.
• Gain range: each channel is individually adjustable and the waveform display can be adjusted smoothly at any time without affecting the measurement results.
• Single capture capture and detailed analysis of ad hoc or random waveforms is possible.
• Anti-static interference function, which removes phase-fixed interfering signals.
• Anti-interference function of correlation filtering technology, which effectively removes random interference that is not synchronized with the power supply.
• Band-pass filter with mixed analogue and digital filtering techniques, with any combination of bandwidths to
• effectively suppress various disturbances.
• free opening of windows in any phase, single and double windows at will, free opening of windows in any choice within 360 degrees.
• The ability to monitor the test voltage while detecting partial discharges.
• Discharge measurement, discharge time and waveform analysis of partial discharge pulses.
• Two- and three-dimensional partial discharge mapping displays.
• Arbitrary storage and printing of partial discharge graphs and data, automatic generation of test reports.

Technical Specs :

1. Measurement channels: 1 channels.
2. Capacities of testable products range from 6pF to 250μF.
3. Measurement range: 0.1pC-10000nC.
4. Detection sensitivity: 0.01pC.
5. Sampling accuracy: 12bit; sampling rate: 20M/s.

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