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Partial discharge is a source of physical phenomena such as ultrasonic waves, heat, light, and magnetism etc. Ultrasonic waves is centered on the sound source and propagate to the surroundings in the form of spherical waves. KPM Duo PD is a handheld partial discharge tester which uses the ultrasonic signal generated by partial discharge to determine the existence and location of partial discharge and combines the real-time displayed images and data to quickly diagnose partial discharge conditions. KPM Duo PD tester integrates two detection methods: transient ground voltage and ultrasonic wave.

Features :
• Ultrasound and TEV partial discharge waveforms are on the same interface as yellow, green and red
warning values.
• Use dBmV as the unit and use transient ground voltage (TEV) to
• detect the size of partial discharge.
• Using color LCD screen, the display effect is more intuitive and friendly.
• Added headphone monitoring mode. In ultrasonic mode, real-time monitoring of PD signals can be
achieved through headphones.
• The display can always display waveforms and can store valuable waveforms. The test analysis of test
• Large signal amplification and high sensitivity; signal receiving range: effective distance 30m.
• The red laser with moderate intensity is accurate, has strong focusing ability, accurate positioning, is
safe and reliable. The setup is simple and practical to use.
• Discover and locate insulator discharge on the tower, creepage on the open-air cable head, and partial
discharge on the underground cable.
• Detect partial discharge of high-voltage switch cabinet.
• Easy to use, small in size, light in weight and easy to carry.

TEV performance parameters -:
•Sensor: Capacitive;
•Measurement range: -5~60dB, step 1dB;
•Resolution: 1dB.

Ultrasonic measurement parameters -:
•Measurement range: -11dB~68dB, step size 1dB;
•Resolution: 1dB;
•Sensor center frequency: 40kHz}1kHz;
•Sensor diameter: 16mm.

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