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MT 3000D


MT 3000D is a portable Energy Meter Test Reference with 0.02%
& 0.05% Accuracy

KPM MT3000D is designed specially for energy meter testing professionals to test Three phase energy meter at site.

KPM MT 3000D is a portable standard meter specially used for energy meter on-site test, AC sampling etc. It integrates the functions of electrical parameter measurement, energy meter calibration, connection mode identification, harmonic analysis, waveform
display, phasor diagram display, data management.


• Accuracy: Class 0.02 or 0.05.
• 3PH voltage measurement: 0~480 V.
• 3PH current measurement (direct) : 50 mA~ 12 A.
• 3PH current measurement (clamp) : 100 mA~ 120 A.
• Support energy pulse optical/electrical pulse input.
• LCD touch screen.
• Support AC 100 V~264 V wide range supply.
• Support large capacity lithium battery.
• Internal memory, and quickly record test data.
• USB and RS232 interfaces.
• Color LCD screen, supporting touch operation.
• Front Panel Wiring: convenient for the user to replace the test lead.
• 220 V mains power supply or the lithium battery mode available.
• Internal memory and quickly record the test data, data can be transferred to the PC.

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