KPM Corona Pointer is an ideal equipment for condition-based maintenance programs. Online partial discharge testing is a method of inspecting the insulation of electric power systems while equipment remains energized and in service. Corona Pointer is based on online Ultrasonic PD sensor technology. The product adopts a low power consumption, low noise, and high sensitivity design. By optimizing the signal acquisition and processing algorithms, fast capture of discharge pulses can be achieved. It performs a real-time ultrasonic measurement and superimpose it on the  visible image with laser pointer . This gives user a pin pointing idea about the PD source.

1. Color LCD screen display, friendly interface, intuitive display and easy operation. It can determine the location of the failure point of the partial discharge point, and has fault recording, storage and playback functions.

2. Built-in inspection task management system. Data is compressed, interconnected, and communicated in compressed form.

3. Intelligent RFID electronic tag inspection function, which supports the interconnection of cloud platforms, and can realize intelligent inspection and joint fault diagnosis on site.

4. Equipped with a camera with a long-distance function, it can also record photos of the discharge part while determining the location of the partial discharge fault.

5. Support GPS inspection and positioning management, the system supports two-dimensional code scanning and one-dimensional code data reading.

6. Equipped with a headphone output function, which can convert the ultrasonic signal into an audible sound signal for the adult ear, which is sent by the headphone, which facilitates inspection operations and improves efficiency.

7, Strong anti-interference ability, can be applied to noisy environment, not affected by external environmental sounds, has a strong directionality, can quickly and accurately locate defective equipment.

Corona Pointer (Video)
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