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Innovation Is Our Second Name

This device is a complete factory test solution for testing of  HV/LV Circuit Breakers in factory 

This device is suitable for testing the technical parameters of circuit breakers:

1. Opening and closing time, reclosing time and synchronization, bouncing time, frequency, speed and stroke, etc. It is used to accurately evaluate the mechanical performance indicators of circuit breakers

2. Voltage withstanding test of primary and secondary wiring 

3. Resistance test of three-phase circuit

4. Insulation resistance test, etc.

We have the capabilities to further customise to best suite client's requirements.

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Innovation Is Our Second Name

This device is suitable for running-in test of circuit breaker/switch before leaving factory. Through this system, the running-in efficiency of electrical and mechanical mechanism is improved, and it has the function of fault protection and automatic recording.

1 Operating Function: Single-point, single-turn, low-voltage test (40-120% Un rated voltage) and life test can be carried out according to the preset parameters.

2-2 alarm function: When the high-voltage switch rejects, rejects, mismatches and mismatches occur, the test bench will give an alarm prompt, and cut off the power supply to stop operation. (The normal running-in of other workstations is not affected by a problem in one of the workstations)

2-3 Protection Function: After issuing the turn-on (split) command, after appropriate delay, automatically cut off the turn-on (split) power supply to prevent the turn-on (split) coil from being charged for a long time due to high-voltage switch rejection or inadequate auxiliary switch conversion.

2-4 running-in table has the function of independently controlling circuit breakers. When one of the six breakers in running-in has some faults, such as refusing to divide, according to, misdividing and mismatching, the running-in table should give an alarm and stop the operation order. And it does not affect the normal work of other stations. After the running-in setting times are completed, the test bench has information prompt, stop operation command and cut off power supply.

2-5 running-in life test has memory function. When the number of switch running-in fails to reach the set number and is interrupted due to unexpected power failure, the next test can choose the position of the last breakpoint to continue the test, or choose to re-test (reset to zero).

2-6 minutes, closing interval time can be set, setting range: 1-3000 seconds.

2-7 minutes, output time between closures can be set, setting range: 10-3000 milliseconds.

2-8 station operation power supply is independent, which can be either AC or DC output.

2-9 High Voltage Switch Mechanical Energy Storage Power Supply is independently controlled to avoid long-term live energy storage coil, and prevent staff from live line switching operation.

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